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August 21st, 2013 10:08

Investing in home loans for buying your desired property is a smart idea. A FHA home loan is a better bet as compared to any other way of financing any day. It facilitates lower down payments and interest rates, There are a variety of loans available in the market and deciding the one that does best job could make your head spin. However many a times the issue is slightly different. Where in you are already a FHA loan owner, but are in underwater situation or inching towards it. What could you do stay afloat?

FHA Streamline refinance is your hope. Refinancing is the order of the day as it helps pay off current loans and or liens by the way of new home mortgage. CA FHA Streamline loans aid you to reduce your interest rates. If needed you could switch current loan scheme from adjustable to fixed rate or from 30 year term to 15 year, or even one loan program to another. Upon qualifying one could also obtain a full FHA refinance to cash out, even though this being a No-Cash-Out refinance. Cherry on the pie - Streamline Refinance can be done unlimited number of times.

To qualify the requirement is a FHA loan, less than 60 days late on your mortgage, loan period of more than 90 days. Documentation required is minimal. Proof of income or assets, credit, collections, judgements, mortgage payments, and liens is not required. In case you are out of job or do not have saving you could still think of refinance. In fact loans more than appraised value of your current home could be taken, since no appraisals are required. Upon closure you could receive up to $500 cash back instead of paying closure money. There is no pre-payment penalty attached, so you settle your loan before term.

Benefits of having Streamline refinance are many:
Cost upon closure is lesser than when you purchased. It could be financed as well. Sometimes fees is also waived off or discounted.
In some cases it allows to skip paying your coming month's mortgage instalments.
If you have paid Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium on your current FHA loan then you are eligible for a credit that decreases over time.
The refinance make things easy by further closing your old escrow reserve including taxes and insurance impounds and refunds cash within 30 days of closure.
Documentation is minimal as said. To underwrite your loan all you require is Driver's license or SS card, Deed of Trust, HUD-1 closing statement, Mortgage statement, Insurance Information and Mortgage Note.
You could close the Streamline within as less as 30 days from applying.
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